About us

Hollywood is definitely not Kansas. 

There's a bunch of crazy weird stuff that a person can find. Especially the stuff from yesterday's Hollywood that you can find on the fringes. 

Instead of drinking my troubles away, I chose hoarding.

Instead of streaming, I chose yard sales. 

Instead of being homeless, I chose airbnb and became a professional interior decorator. 

Now that nobody is traveling, my airbnb business is gone, and I have a bunch of stuff that I'm delighted to share with the world!

This website is a culmination of the interesting things one finds in Hollywood on the fringes at one time or another.  Cool things from yesteryear with high intrinsic values.  It's the stuff I decorated my homes with. It's the stuff you'll impress your friends with. 

My hope is that there is something of value to you that we can make a deal on.

Something to bring you joy! 



Here is the frequently asked questions?

Wait, then why is this website called? Thai_Town_Rag?

I don't know. 

Do you like negotiating prices?


Do you have um, uh, you know, the kind of stuff that they used to sell at Circus of Books in West Hollywood? 

Yeah, I bought a lot of their stuff in a private liquidation.  I've got tons of weird stuff that's definitely not straight we can make a deal on.

IG: thai_town_rag